AACCC: Samba Baldeh for Alderman

Samba-web-3.pngPublished in the African American Communication and Collaboration Council (AACCC)

Written by: Dr. Floyd Rose, January 2015


Samba Baldeh (pictured right) is running for Madison Common Council District 17 against incumbent, Joe Clausius, in Madison's spring election.

When asked why he was running, Mr. Baldeh stated, "I am running to make sure we have strong neighborhoods, strong families and schools, and also to advocate for the District in City decision-making processes. I will promote respectful relationships and trust between police and neighborhoods and encourage use of neighborhood officers. I will work with the City to make sure our resources are invested in an equitable way so that our investments match our values. I will work with the City and collaborate with County to address the shortage of affordable housing. I will advocate for the City to work with the County to make sure our City ordinances are not criminalizing homelessness and poverty. Instead we should work together to provide shelter. I will advocate for the needs of our senior citizens and work hard to make sure their views are listened to and their needs addressed. I am running to represent you, and I will hold community meetings and forums so we can talk together. I will engage you in all issues of concerns and make sure we communicate regularly so that you are well aware of all issues that concern the District.


Read the original publication: http://africanamericancommunication.com/PDF/Newsletter/AACCCNewsletter_January2015.pdf

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