Samba's Platform

Openness and Communication

I will regularly communicate with you, ask for your opinions, ask what is important to you.  I will hold neighborhood forums.

Strong Neighborhoods, Strong Families and Schools, Respect for Elders

We should: invest in public and community space, libraries – including “express” or smaller scale libraries where it is not feasible to build a full service branch; expand neighborhood response team locations and resources; support city initiatives on early childhood care/education and after school programs and care. We must make sure there are educational and economic options for older youth and young adults.  We must also: make sure older adults have the necessary community resources; maintain parks and open spaces; make sure the community has a say in the management of parks.

Community Policing

I will promote respectful relationships and trust between police and neighborhoods and encourage investment in neighborhood officers. 

Public Safety

I will address traffic issues, resident and pedestrian safety – especially around schools and partner with the county to address addiction – much crime is related to drug (heroin) use.   We should promote community in our neighborhoods, so that people know each other.   A strong community is protective and healthy.

Community for All

I will work to make sure our resources are invested in an equitable way and a way that improves circumstances for people who are targeted by racism and/or struggling the most.   The  new equity impact review process should be thoroughly applied to the budget so that our investments match our values and we make sure we are investing in only what we really need.


Bus routes and times of service have to be expanded and fares adjusted to help low-income workers get to work.    Routes and times of service have to be expanded so that riding the bus is an option for more people – and the bus must be affordable.     I will support Bus Rapid Transit with routes that appear to be feasible for the investment.

Affordable Housing

Too many people cannot afford to buy a house, or rent the many market rate and luxury apartments that have been built in the last few years.  We need to attract, and pay for, if necessary, affordable apartment homes and/or expand programs to make single home ownership possible for more people. 


The city must partner with the county – or if necessary take the lead, to provide shelter for all, including a day center where people have access to resources such as showers, lockers, bus passes, job information, basic medical and mental health care.  We must make sure our city ordinances are not criminalizing homelessness and poverty. We should be a leader in this area for other cities. Our current situation is unacceptable.    

Economic Development and Jobs

As a partner in a small IT consulting business, I know the importance of small local businesses to our community.    It is tempting to want to invest in the biggest corporations but we also have to look at sustainability.  Small and local has a lot of value.    Zoning that allows for businesses people can walk and bike to should be considered.  We should not subsidize development that brings low wage jobs.   We should not invest in private development projects unless they bring very substantial public benefit and cannot occur otherwise.


We need to pay attention to our air and our water and protect these important indicators of health. We need to pay attention to the impact of new development on our natural environment.  For example, as development occurs on the north edge of the district, we will want to protect the sensitive ecosystem of Token Creek.  

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